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A Cup of Creativity for Your Drinkware Promotion

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Drinkware is one of my personal favorite promotional items. Whether I’m driving to work with my cup of coffee, grabbing my water bottle to take to the gym, or having a glass of wine after a long day, a piece of drinkware is either in sight or being used the majority of my day. Because of this, I think drinkware is a promotional item with high visibility and staying power. How you incorporate your drinkware into your promotional campaign can really set you apart, and create a lasting impression on the recipient.


Here are 5 creative ways to use drinkware to help build your brand.

  1. Use it as an invitation. Stuff an invitation into a water bottle or travel tumbler and mail or hand deliver to invitees for your next event.
  2. Make it a gift package. Insert a gift card to your customer’s favorite coffee shop or restaurant and use it as packaging that will be used over and over again.
  3. Insert company information. Fill it with information, small samples, or business cards. It is a great way to get your business information in front of potential clients.
  4. Prefill water bottles for your next event. Whether it be an indoor or outdoor event, water is always appreciated. Clean and prefill water bottles and hand them out to attendees.
  5. Setup a coffee bar at your next tradeshow or seminar. Have printed mugs that attendees can fill and take home with them.


Drinkware is a great item for any season. Hopefully, these ideas inspire you to create your own cup of creativity.

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One thought on “A Cup of Creativity for Your Drinkware Promotion

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