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Teacher Appreciation Ideas

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Each May, a week is set aside to thank teachers for taking the time to educate our children.  Administrators and parent organizations around the country plan events and give gifts to acknowledge the sacrifices and support teachers give to students throughout the year.  A small token of appreciation can go a long way when honoring your favorite teachers.  Below are 5 unique ideas on how to incorporate promotional items into your recognition efforts.

1. Write Letters. Have each child write a thank you letter or draw a picture including their favorite thing about the teacher.  Collect them and present them to the teacher in a padfolio or a brief bag that they can use.  Imprint the padfolio or bag with a thank you message.

2. Host a Breakfast or Lunch.  For breakfast, have a coffee and tea bar and either a continental or a full breakfast before school.  Hand out travel mugs to each teacher.  For lunch, have all of the children in attendance, provide lunch and have a child from each classroom get up and say something about their teacher.  Hand out lunch bags to all of the teachers.

3. Thank them for having you covered.  Get umbrellas imprinted with the school logo one one panel and Happy Teacher Appreciation Week, Thanks for Having us Covered on another panel.  Give a big raindrop to each student to decorate and write a thank you message, or an example of how the teacher helped the student.  Open the umbrella and hang the raindrops with string from the inside of the umbrella and hang in the teacher’s room.

4. Plant a garden.  Have each student plant a flower in a garden on the school grounds to honor the teachers.  Give out garden totes or tool sets to each teacher.

5. Relaxation Day.  Turn the teachers lounge into a spa – play relaxing music, have cucumber water and hire a massage therapist to give teachers 15-minute massages.  Hand out personal care kits or personal massagers to each teacher when they are finished.

For more ideas on how to incorporate promotional items into your teacher appreciation efforts, contact or 800-373-7890.

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