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Chairs – A Promotional Item That Really Sits with Customers

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This is the time of year you are likely seeing kids throughout your town playing soccer, baseball, softball, lacrosse or tennis. You are likely also seeing parents and fans sitting along the sidelines in camp chairs.

Whether you are a sports booster organization, a local company supporting your sports teams, or an organization looking for the perfect giveaway for your Spring promotion, folding camp chairs just may be the product for you.


Top 5 reasons chairs sit well with customers:

1. They are useful. Studies show that the more useful your promotional item, the more likely the recipient is to remember the advertiser. When a fan pulls out their camp chair over an over again, you can be sure they are going to look at your logo and recall your brand even when they get up from that chair.


2. They are high visibility. Chairs aren’t going to get thrown in a drawer, or stuck on your desk. They are going to travel from game to game and they will be seen by many spectators…some of them wishing their favorite company gave them the same item.


3. They offer a large decorating area to showcase your logo. Most chairs offer decorating areas with a width of around 9”. It is going to be a much larger area than you will have on a standard promotional item. Use the chair as a walking billboard for your organization.


4. They have a high perceived value. Chairs can range from under $15 to over $50. Depending on your budget, you have options. Regardless of the level of chair you purchase, the perceived value of the item is going to be higher than the aveage promotional item. Perceived value of the item equals perceived value of your relationship to that customer…and you want your customers to know how much you value them.


5. They are not your typical tote bag. How many promotional pens and tote bags do you have at your house? Do you recall who gave you every one of them? Probably not. Why? Because they are not unique. While a bit more expensive than a tote or pen, a chair is an item that will truly capture the attention of the recipient, and not get lost in the mass of promotional items in their home or office.


If you are looking for a chair for your next promotion, visit Promote It Cafe, Your Source for Promotional Chairs.

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