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Safety Promotion Ideas for Your Company

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June is National SAuto Safety Kitafety Month. This encompasses safety at home, at school, at work and on the road – an awareness for children and adults to stay safe. What does this mean for companies? It means there is a great opportunity to show your commitment to safety either to your employees or customers or within your area.

Here are some ideas on how your company can support National Safety Month:



Within your Organization

  • Organize emergency preparedness drills for employees to ensure they feel safe in the workplace in any situation.
  • Host a first aid training and injury prevention course for employees and their families.
  • Devise a safety awards program for a designated number of days without an accident.
  • Create a safety committee and a monthly or quarterly newsletter to distribute to employees with articles and tips on different types of safety.

Within your City or Town

  • Promote bicycle safety and buckling up within your local schools or children’s organizations.
  • Spearhead a neighborhood watch program to keep children safe.
  • Host a seminar on safety for your town with police officers, poison control and firemen in attendance to spread the message on keeping safe at home and in your local neighborhoods.

To your Customers

  • Create a webinar series with customers talking about safety issues within your industry
  • Celebrate national safety month by implementing a gift with purchase program and give away a safety item, such as a first aid kit, to customers who purchase your product or service within the month of June.

Whatever you decide to do to promote safety, be sure to incorporate promotional items into your promotion. From first aid kits to awards to flashlights and tools, adding a promotional item to your event will drive your message even further.  Visit Promote It Cafe for promotional safety ideas or call an expert to discuss the perfect products for your promotion – 800-373-7890.



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