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Top 5 Promotional Products for Men

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As Father’s Day approaches, we are bombarded with products and messages geared toward men.  In the world of promotional products, men represent 47% of the recipients.  If you business is focusing on getting the attention of a male audience, these are the promotional products for you.


1. Tech Products – Men love gadgets and technology.  Giving men the ‘hottest’ product ensures your brand will get noticed

2. Apparel – In general, men are not as fashion-focused as women.  They are more likely to wear the T-shirt, polo shirt, jacket or sweatshirt with your logo on it than women.  Apparel creates a traveling billboard for your message or brand.

3. Golf Products – The golf course has traditionally been known as a place where men make business contacts, create social connections, and generally are in there element.  It is a great place to drive your message home with a male audience.

4. Business Bags, Briefs and BackpacksEvery career professional needs a reliable work bag — for papers, electronics, wallets, umbrellas, and even a ham sandwich.  Give a man a bad that is functional and reliable and he will carry it for life.

5. Tools and Flashlights – A man can never have too many tool kits or flashlights.  Stashed in the kitchen drawer, the garage workbench, the glove compartment, even the golf bag, a swiss army knife, tool kit, or flashlight is a gift that keeps on giving.

For more ideas on promotional products for your male audience, visit or call and talk to an expert at 800-373-7890.

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