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5 Favorite Fall Promotional Items

Back to school is in session, football season is in full swing, so it’s time to advertise with
Promote It Café’s Five Favorite Fall Promotional Products:

  1. Promotional Blankets– Promote your brand in a warm, comfortable way with a logoed stadium blanket.
  2. Printed Folding Chairs – A promotional folding chair acts as an eye-level billboard. Display your logo on a chair and your message will be seen by every spectator at the next big event.
  3. Stadium Rally Gear – Cheer on the home team with one of our promotional stadium favorites while promoting your brand in a positive light.
  4. Logoed Stadium Cushions – Stadium cushions have a large decorating area so find a local business or businesses to co-brand your sports team organization.
  5. Decorated Apparel – Gear up for fall with a printed pull-over hoody, embroidered jacket, knit beanie cap.

For more ideas on promotional products for your fall promotions, visit or call and talk to an expert at 800-373-7890.

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5 Employee Engagement Event Ideas

We all know that employees are a company’s greatest asset.  They are the front line to your customers.  They represent your brand and can influence customers buying decisions.  Ensuring you have engaged and happy employees should be a top priority at every company.  Here are some fun event ideas to engage employees and improve employee morale.

1. Hold a tailgate.  Gather employees together for a company tailgate.  Employees should be encouraged to wear their favorite team jersey or t-shirt and participate in a little competition – cornhole, horseshoes, etc.  Hand out camp chairs for all employees to use at the event and take home.

2. Host a Spa Day.  Everyone could use a little relaxation during the work day.  Bring in a masseuse to give chair massages to employees.  Create a room for relaxation with soft music, cucumber water, and magazines, and encourage all employees to take a break from their day and enjoy some relaxation.  Be sure to hand out mini massagers or stress relievers to encourage ongoing stress relief.

3. Plan an Ice Cream Social.  Sometimes a little break in the day for some sweet treats and social interaction is all employees need to give them that extra burst of energy.  Create an ice cream bar at your office and let employees enjoy a bite together.  Hand out ice cream scoops to everyone to take home for their own ice cream social.

4. Create an employee scavenger hunt.  Either in your office or at another location.  Assemble teams of employees that may not normally work together.  Have each team come up with a team name and order T-shirts for team members.  There are lots of premade scavenger hunt ideas online.  Find one that works for your organization.

5. Get Crafty.  Whether it be around a hoilday (pumpkin decorating for Halloween, Easter Egg decorating for Easter), have periodic craft days where customers can unleash their creativity and have a little fun.  Have employees vote on the winners and hand out prizes to winners and to all who participated.

For other employee event ideas and suggestions on how to incorporate promotional items into your event, contact Promote it Cafe –

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6 Sizzling Summer Promotion Ideas

Summer can be a slow time of year for many businesses.  Between holidays and vacations, consumer spending goes down, and coincidentally, businesses sometimes take a break from promoting themselves.  Summer is actually a great time to promote your business and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Offer a Gift with Purchase – Everyone loves a free gift.  Summer is a great time for gift with purchase campaigns, from beach bags to towels to sunglasses, you can find a fun an inexpensive product that will entice customers to make a purchase.

Create a Christmas in July Promotion – Send out or give Christmas ornaments to customers with your logo and offer deep discounts to get customers who wouldn’t typically purchase from you over the summer to get into your store or shop online.

Thank Existing Customers and Ask for Referrals – Take the time in the slower months to really get to know your existing customers.  Contact top customers with an email, phone call or mailing, thank them for their business and ask for a referral.  The personal touch will go a long way, and you can never underestimate the power of referrals.

Create a Social Media Campaign – During the summer slowdown, it is a great time to beef up your social media efforts.  Create a campaign on your social media site of choice and encourage interaction with your customers.  A Facebook contest or a Twitter or Instagram hashtag campaign is a great way to engage customers and incorporate summer into your promotion efforts.

Host an Event – Have an outdoor event to promote your products or services.  Whether it be at a sporting event, community fair or festival, or just a customer appreciation event at an outdoor venue (or even your parking log), summer is a great time to get customers outdoors and socialize.

Run a Summer Sweepstakes – Sweepstakes are a great way to get additional email addresses for your list and exposure to your business.  Theme them around summer and watch the prospects roll in.

Whatever you decide, be sure to incorporate promotional items into the mix.  Visit for the perfect items to complement your summer promotion.



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Top 5 Promotional Products for Men

As Father’s Day approaches, we are bombarded with products and messages geared toward men.  In the world of promotional products, men represent 47% of the recipients.  If you business is focusing on getting the attention of a male audience, these are the promotional products for you.


1. Tech Products – Men love gadgets and technology.  Giving men the ‘hottest’ product ensures your brand will get noticed

2. Apparel – In general, men are not as fashion-focused as women.  They are more likely to wear the T-shirt, polo shirt, jacket or sweatshirt with your logo on it than women.  Apparel creates a traveling billboard for your message or brand.

3. Golf Products – The golf course has traditionally been known as a place where men make business contacts, create social connections, and generally are in there element.  It is a great place to drive your message home with a male audience.

4. Business Bags, Briefs and BackpacksEvery career professional needs a reliable work bag — for papers, electronics, wallets, umbrellas, and even a ham sandwich.  Give a man a bad that is functional and reliable and he will carry it for life.

5. Tools and Flashlights – A man can never have too many tool kits or flashlights.  Stashed in the kitchen drawer, the garage workbench, the glove compartment, even the golf bag, a swiss army knife, tool kit, or flashlight is a gift that keeps on giving.

For more ideas on promotional products for your male audience, visit or call and talk to an expert at 800-373-7890.

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Safety Promotion Ideas for Your Company

June is National SAuto Safety Kitafety Month. This encompasses safety at home, at school, at work and on the road – an awareness for children and adults to stay safe. What does this mean for companies? It means there is a great opportunity to show your commitment to safety either to your employees or customers or within your area.

Here are some ideas on how your company can support National Safety Month:



Within your Organization

  • Organize emergency preparedness drills for employees to ensure they feel safe in the workplace in any situation.
  • Host a first aid training and injury prevention course for employees and their families.
  • Devise a safety awards program for a designated number of days without an accident.
  • Create a safety committee and a monthly or quarterly newsletter to distribute to employees with articles and tips on different types of safety.

Within your City or Town

  • Promote bicycle safety and buckling up within your local schools or children’s organizations.
  • Spearhead a neighborhood watch program to keep children safe.
  • Host a seminar on safety for your town with police officers, poison control and firemen in attendance to spread the message on keeping safe at home and in your local neighborhoods.

To your Customers

  • Create a webinar series with customers talking about safety issues within your industry
  • Celebrate national safety month by implementing a gift with purchase program and give away a safety item, such as a first aid kit, to customers who purchase your product or service within the month of June.

Whatever you decide to do to promote safety, be sure to incorporate promotional items into your promotion. From first aid kits to awards to flashlights and tools, adding a promotional item to your event will drive your message even further.  Visit Promote It Cafe for promotional safety ideas or call an expert to discuss the perfect products for your promotion – 800-373-7890.



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Ideas for Summer Client or Employee Meetings

Whether you are a sales person or account executive who meets regularly with customers for status meetings or to showcase new products or services, or you are a manager meeting with your team, you may need to infuse some energy in your approach.  Summertime is a great time to freshen up your meetings.  Here are some ideas to change things up and make your meetings memorable this summer.

1. Host an Ice Cream Social. An afternoon ice cream surprise is always a treat.  Whether you bring ice cream to your client’s location or do it at your office, it can be a fun an interactive experience.  Make sure to bring lots of toppings and take pictures of everyone’s creative sundaes.  Give out logo ice cream scoops to all in attendance.

Image2. Prepare a Picnic Presentation. Sometimes a little fresh air helps get the creative energy flowing and puts people in a good mood.  find a local park and host your meeting in the outdoors.  Many restaurants will prepare box lunches or picnic-like fare for your luncheon.  Give out Frisbees to everyone to throw around during a break and as a takeaway from the meeting.


3. Engage in a Mid-Morning Walking Meeting.  Interspersing short movements and exercises throughout the workday can boost employee energy, engagement and activity.  A walking meeting is a great way to talk through ideas with a small group of people.  Take a brisk walk while talking through ideas, and don’t forget to huddle after to write down important ideas.  Give walkers pedometers to track their steps on your walk.



4. Hold a Build Your Burger Bash.  Anytime you get people involved in your meeting, even if it is in the food, they are likely to be more engaged and interested in your topic.  Start your meeting with a build your burger session and have everyone name their burger.  Vote on the most creative idea.  Give out can coolies for your soda.

Image5. Have an Afternoon Iced Coffee and Tea Party.  Give employees or clients a mid-afternoon break and bring in flavored iced coffees and teas.  A little caffeine can help break everyone out of the afternoon slump.  Prepare some icebreaker ideas to start your meeting and give out tumblers for their iced beverages.


For more ideas on creative meetings and promotional items, contact Promote It Cafe. 800-373-7890.

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Chairs – A Promotional Item That Really Sits with Customers

This is the time of year you are likely seeing kids throughout your town playing soccer, baseball, softball, lacrosse or tennis. You are likely also seeing parents and fans sitting along the sidelines in camp chairs.

Whether you are a sports booster organization, a local company supporting your sports teams, or an organization looking for the perfect giveaway for your Spring promotion, folding camp chairs just may be the product for you.


Top 5 reasons chairs sit well with customers:

1. They are useful. Studies show that the more useful your promotional item, the more likely the recipient is to remember the advertiser. When a fan pulls out their camp chair over an over again, you can be sure they are going to look at your logo and recall your brand even when they get up from that chair.


2. They are high visibility. Chairs aren’t going to get thrown in a drawer, or stuck on your desk. They are going to travel from game to game and they will be seen by many spectators…some of them wishing their favorite company gave them the same item.


3. They offer a large decorating area to showcase your logo. Most chairs offer decorating areas with a width of around 9”. It is going to be a much larger area than you will have on a standard promotional item. Use the chair as a walking billboard for your organization.


4. They have a high perceived value. Chairs can range from under $15 to over $50. Depending on your budget, you have options. Regardless of the level of chair you purchase, the perceived value of the item is going to be higher than the aveage promotional item. Perceived value of the item equals perceived value of your relationship to that customer…and you want your customers to know how much you value them.


5. They are not your typical tote bag. How many promotional pens and tote bags do you have at your house? Do you recall who gave you every one of them? Probably not. Why? Because they are not unique. While a bit more expensive than a tote or pen, a chair is an item that will truly capture the attention of the recipient, and not get lost in the mass of promotional items in their home or office.


If you are looking for a chair for your next promotion, visit Promote It Cafe, Your Source for Promotional Chairs.

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Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Each May, a week is set aside to thank teachers for taking the time to educate our children.  Administrators and parent organizations around the country plan events and give gifts to acknowledge the sacrifices and support teachers give to students throughout the year.  A small token of appreciation can go a long way when honoring your favorite teachers.  Below are 5 unique ideas on how to incorporate promotional items into your recognition efforts.

1. Write Letters. Have each child write a thank you letter or draw a picture including their favorite thing about the teacher.  Collect them and present them to the teacher in a padfolio or a brief bag that they can use.  Imprint the padfolio or bag with a thank you message.

2. Host a Breakfast or Lunch.  For breakfast, have a coffee and tea bar and either a continental or a full breakfast before school.  Hand out travel mugs to each teacher.  For lunch, have all of the children in attendance, provide lunch and have a child from each classroom get up and say something about their teacher.  Hand out lunch bags to all of the teachers.

3. Thank them for having you covered.  Get umbrellas imprinted with the school logo one one panel and Happy Teacher Appreciation Week, Thanks for Having us Covered on another panel.  Give a big raindrop to each student to decorate and write a thank you message, or an example of how the teacher helped the student.  Open the umbrella and hang the raindrops with string from the inside of the umbrella and hang in the teacher’s room.

4. Plant a garden.  Have each student plant a flower in a garden on the school grounds to honor the teachers.  Give out garden totes or tool sets to each teacher.

5. Relaxation Day.  Turn the teachers lounge into a spa – play relaxing music, have cucumber water and hire a massage therapist to give teachers 15-minute massages.  Hand out personal care kits or personal massagers to each teacher when they are finished.

For more ideas on how to incorporate promotional items into your teacher appreciation efforts, contact or 800-373-7890.

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Health and Wellness Campaigns Boost Promotions

Health and wellness is such a hot topic these days.  Combine the fitness boom with the healthy eating craze, and you have a huge population of people who make health and wellness the center of their life.  Companies of all types can capitalize on this craze through employee, customer, and community programs.  Using promotional items to complement your promotions can dramatically increase its effectiveness.

Employee Programs – Starting an employee wellness program can not only engage your team and create a sense of unity among co-workers, it can help boost productivity.

  • Incorporate a brown bag lunch program to educate employees on healthy eating, and supply each with a lunch bag or cooler.Lunch Cooler
  • Create a step challenge and have employees compete with each other to walk the most steps.  Provide each with a pedometer to count their steps.Pedometer
  • Hold a fitness fair and invite local companies (gyms, food companies, vitamin companies) to display or talk about their product in a tradeshow-style setting.  Make sure to give out bags for attendees to use for their information and giveaways.Tote

Customer Programs – Regardless of your the product you sell or service you provide, you can easily incorporate a health theme into your promotion.  Find a theme that works for you – ‘we want to go the distance with you’ (incorporate a pedometer), we are jumping for joy about this new product (incorporate a jump rope), we help you stretch your dollar (incorporate a yoga mat).  The possibilities are endless. The more creative, the more your customers will remember the promotion.

Community Programs – It is important to engage with your community, and the summer provides a great opportunity to get in front of the community, while incorporating health and wellness.  Sponsorships are available for races and walk-a-thons, community festivals, and sporting events.  When handing out items for these types of events, think of the amount of use and exposure it is going to receive – great options are hats, water bottles, and cinch bags.Bottle CinchVisorContact us at for ideas on how to incorporate health and wellness into your promotion.


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A Cup of Creativity for Your Drinkware Promotion

Drinkware is one of my personal favorite promotional items. Whether I’m driving to work with my cup of coffee, grabbing my water bottle to take to the gym, or having a glass of wine after a long day, a piece of drinkware is either in sight or being used the majority of my day. Because of this, I think drinkware is a promotional item with high visibility and staying power. How you incorporate your drinkware into your promotional campaign can really set you apart, and create a lasting impression on the recipient.


Here are 5 creative ways to use drinkware to help build your brand.

  1. Use it as an invitation. Stuff an invitation into a water bottle or travel tumbler and mail or hand deliver to invitees for your next event.
  2. Make it a gift package. Insert a gift card to your customer’s favorite coffee shop or restaurant and use it as packaging that will be used over and over again.
  3. Insert company information. Fill it with information, small samples, or business cards. It is a great way to get your business information in front of potential clients.
  4. Prefill water bottles for your next event. Whether it be an indoor or outdoor event, water is always appreciated. Clean and prefill water bottles and hand them out to attendees.
  5. Setup a coffee bar at your next tradeshow or seminar. Have printed mugs that attendees can fill and take home with them.


Drinkware is a great item for any season. Hopefully, these ideas inspire you to create your own cup of creativity.

For more ideas, contact or