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Make the Most of your Golf Outing at Any Budget

The season has arrived for outdoor activities, summertime fun, and one of America’s favorite corporate sports, golf.  Over the past ten years, the occurrence of corporate golf outings has declined as budgets decreased and corporate spending was put to a halt.  However, we are finally seeing a rebuilding relationship between the golf industry and corporate America.  In 2011, promotional golf item sales were up 6%* and are continued to grow.  The one-on-one face time provided by golf outings and tournaments with clients, and the opportunity for employee teambuilding are valuable experiences that only golf can provide.

The way to truly maximize the impact of any golf outing is to incorporate promotional items into the event.  Complementing a golf experience with branded merchandise ensures the goodwill and memory of the event will continue to make an impression long after the event is over.  Everyone from big budget corporate entities to smaller community businesses can use golf events to boost business and build their brand.  Regardless of an organization’s size or budget, there are promotional items at various price points that can enhance both an event and a brand.


Below are some great ideas for promotional golf items at various price points.

Budget-Friendly (Under $5)
For those who truly need a budget-friendly item, there are value-priced options that can still make an impression.  Every golfer can use tees and divot tools on the green, and a water bottle or can coolie to help quench their thirst on the fairway.  These are inexpensive items that can be used as mass giveaways before, during, or after your event.

Conservative ($5-$10)

In the lower priced range, there are some options with a higher perceived value that can be given to event attendees as thank you for attending.  Consider giving a ditty bag with a thank you note inside or with drink tickets for a post-golf dinner or happy hour.  Or give out golf towels, bag tags or hats upon registration that attendees can use while on the course and take home after play is over.

Mid-Range ($10-$25)
Some of the most popular golf event items fall in the mid-range price arena. Apparel is always a great option, and it gives your brand much exposure.  Apparel can range from t-shirts to golf shirts, to windbreakers.  The most recent trend in golf apparel is moisture-wicking fabrics.  Coolers, duffels and shoe bags are also popular options.  They are useful, easy to transport, and can double as packaging for other event-related gifts.

Premium (Over $25)

Merchandise in the premium category can be used as attendee gifts, prizes or auction items, starting at $25 and ranging over the hundred dollar mark.  The most common premium giveaway is a golf umbrella. An extra golf umbrella can always come in handy and when you pull one out on a rainy day, you will definitely remember who gave it to you.  Other ideas include golf bags, premium golf balls and even watches.

As golf events become more popular, golf-related items will continue to evolve.  Whatever route you take with your next golf event, make sure your attendees don’t leave empty handed, and the items they leave with prominently showcase your logo.

Promote It Cafe has a great selection of promotional items for your next golf event. Contact for ideas on how to incorporate promotional items into your golf event.

*PromoMarketing, March 2012

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Promotional Product Opportunities in April

Using promotional items as holiday gifts is a no-brainer.  Most companies say thank you to their customers at the end of the year with some type of a gift.  Looking for other opportunities throughout the year to differentiate your business will help you stand apart from the pack.

April is a great month to use promotional items boost your brand or communicate your message.  Below is a list of ideas and events to use in your April promotions.

Spring – The emergence of Spring, especially after a long winter is a time where peoples spirits lift and their mood lightens.  Capitalize on this feeling by sending out a “Happy Spring” item.  Umbrellas, hats, chairs and seat cushions are great items to go along with the season and get people thinking about outdoor activities.


Stress Awareness Month – April is Stress Awareness Month.  As a business, it is important to showcase how your product or service will relieve the stress of your customers.  Choose a stress toy related to your industry (there are so many options), and send it out with a flyer on how working with you will reduce stress.

Stress Ball

National Humor Month – Showing your humorous side is definitely a way to engage customers.  National Humor Month is a perfect time to showcase your light side.  Create a humorous slogan and print it on T-Shirts or tote bags, or hand out a fun toy to your customers and tie it back to you brand.

Plush Toy

Earth Day (4/22) – Who isn’t concerned about the environment these days?  Earth Day is a great time to show your customers and employees that your business is committed to helping the environment.  Whatever activity you partake in on Earth Day, be sure to add a recycled or Eco-friendly product to the plan as a giveaway to participants.

Market Tote

Administrative Professionals Day (4/23) – Administrative Professionals are the backbone to most businesses.  These are the people who answer the phone, keep the office in tact, and keep everyone on track so the business can run as planned.  Make sure to say thank you to those important people to your business with a unique desk item, a nice bag, a lunch cooler, or a hot new technology item.

Digital Photo FrameVisit or call one of our product experts at 800-373-7890  to help you make April a successful promotional season for your business.


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Top Promotional Products for Marathons and Races

As spring arrives, so does the start of marathon and race season.  In 2013, there were over 1,100 marathons across the United States.  Add half-marathons and other races and you have thousands of opportunities for sponsorships at races throughout the country.  Races and marathons are a great place to give tremendous exposure to your brand.  Between the runners and the spectators, the potential audience represents a wide variety of demographics. By using promotional items, you can extend the life of your message far beyond race day.

Top 5 Ideas for ParticipantsProducts-for-Race-Participa




Top 5 Ideas for SpectatorsProducts-for-Race-Spectator



For ideas on how to incorporate promotional products into your local race, contact Promote It Cafe at 800-373-7890.