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5 Employee Engagement Event Ideas

We all know that employees are a company’s greatest asset.  They are the front line to your customers.  They represent your brand and can influence customers buying decisions.  Ensuring you have engaged and happy employees should be a top priority at every company.  Here are some fun event ideas to engage employees and improve employee morale.

1. Hold a tailgate.  Gather employees together for a company tailgate.  Employees should be encouraged to wear their favorite team jersey or t-shirt and participate in a little competition – cornhole, horseshoes, etc.  Hand out camp chairs for all employees to use at the event and take home.

2. Host a Spa Day.  Everyone could use a little relaxation during the work day.  Bring in a masseuse to give chair massages to employees.  Create a room for relaxation with soft music, cucumber water, and magazines, and encourage all employees to take a break from their day and enjoy some relaxation.  Be sure to hand out mini massagers or stress relievers to encourage ongoing stress relief.

3. Plan an Ice Cream Social.  Sometimes a little break in the day for some sweet treats and social interaction is all employees need to give them that extra burst of energy.  Create an ice cream bar at your office and let employees enjoy a bite together.  Hand out ice cream scoops to everyone to take home for their own ice cream social.

4. Create an employee scavenger hunt.  Either in your office or at another location.  Assemble teams of employees that may not normally work together.  Have each team come up with a team name and order T-shirts for team members.  There are lots of premade scavenger hunt ideas online.  Find one that works for your organization.

5. Get Crafty.  Whether it be around a hoilday (pumpkin decorating for Halloween, Easter Egg decorating for Easter), have periodic craft days where customers can unleash their creativity and have a little fun.  Have employees vote on the winners and hand out prizes to winners and to all who participated.

For other employee event ideas and suggestions on how to incorporate promotional items into your event, contact Promote it Cafe –

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Ideas for Summer Client or Employee Meetings

Whether you are a sales person or account executive who meets regularly with customers for status meetings or to showcase new products or services, or you are a manager meeting with your team, you may need to infuse some energy in your approach.  Summertime is a great time to freshen up your meetings.  Here are some ideas to change things up and make your meetings memorable this summer.

1. Host an Ice Cream Social. An afternoon ice cream surprise is always a treat.  Whether you bring ice cream to your client’s location or do it at your office, it can be a fun an interactive experience.  Make sure to bring lots of toppings and take pictures of everyone’s creative sundaes.  Give out logo ice cream scoops to all in attendance.

Image2. Prepare a Picnic Presentation. Sometimes a little fresh air helps get the creative energy flowing and puts people in a good mood.  find a local park and host your meeting in the outdoors.  Many restaurants will prepare box lunches or picnic-like fare for your luncheon.  Give out Frisbees to everyone to throw around during a break and as a takeaway from the meeting.


3. Engage in a Mid-Morning Walking Meeting.  Interspersing short movements and exercises throughout the workday can boost employee energy, engagement and activity.  A walking meeting is a great way to talk through ideas with a small group of people.  Take a brisk walk while talking through ideas, and don’t forget to huddle after to write down important ideas.  Give walkers pedometers to track their steps on your walk.



4. Hold a Build Your Burger Bash.  Anytime you get people involved in your meeting, even if it is in the food, they are likely to be more engaged and interested in your topic.  Start your meeting with a build your burger session and have everyone name their burger.  Vote on the most creative idea.  Give out can coolies for your soda.

Image5. Have an Afternoon Iced Coffee and Tea Party.  Give employees or clients a mid-afternoon break and bring in flavored iced coffees and teas.  A little caffeine can help break everyone out of the afternoon slump.  Prepare some icebreaker ideas to start your meeting and give out tumblers for their iced beverages.


For more ideas on creative meetings and promotional items, contact Promote It Cafe. 800-373-7890.