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6 Sizzling Summer Promotion Ideas

Summer can be a slow time of year for many businesses.  Between holidays and vacations, consumer spending goes down, and coincidentally, businesses sometimes take a break from promoting themselves.  Summer is actually a great time to promote your business and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Offer a Gift with Purchase – Everyone loves a free gift.  Summer is a great time for gift with purchase campaigns, from beach bags to towels to sunglasses, you can find a fun an inexpensive product that will entice customers to make a purchase.

Create a Christmas in July Promotion – Send out or give Christmas ornaments to customers with your logo and offer deep discounts to get customers who wouldn’t typically purchase from you over the summer to get into your store or shop online.

Thank Existing Customers and Ask for Referrals – Take the time in the slower months to really get to know your existing customers.  Contact top customers with an email, phone call or mailing, thank them for their business and ask for a referral.  The personal touch will go a long way, and you can never underestimate the power of referrals.

Create a Social Media Campaign – During the summer slowdown, it is a great time to beef up your social media efforts.  Create a campaign on your social media site of choice and encourage interaction with your customers.  A Facebook contest or a Twitter or Instagram hashtag campaign is a great way to engage customers and incorporate summer into your promotion efforts.

Host an Event – Have an outdoor event to promote your products or services.  Whether it be at a sporting event, community fair or festival, or just a customer appreciation event at an outdoor venue (or even your parking log), summer is a great time to get customers outdoors and socialize.

Run a Summer Sweepstakes – Sweepstakes are a great way to get additional email addresses for your list and exposure to your business.  Theme them around summer and watch the prospects roll in.

Whatever you decide, be sure to incorporate promotional items into the mix.  Visit for the perfect items to complement your summer promotion.



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Ideas for Summer Client or Employee Meetings

Whether you are a sales person or account executive who meets regularly with customers for status meetings or to showcase new products or services, or you are a manager meeting with your team, you may need to infuse some energy in your approach.  Summertime is a great time to freshen up your meetings.  Here are some ideas to change things up and make your meetings memorable this summer.

1. Host an Ice Cream Social. An afternoon ice cream surprise is always a treat.  Whether you bring ice cream to your client’s location or do it at your office, it can be a fun an interactive experience.  Make sure to bring lots of toppings and take pictures of everyone’s creative sundaes.  Give out logo ice cream scoops to all in attendance.

Image2. Prepare a Picnic Presentation. Sometimes a little fresh air helps get the creative energy flowing and puts people in a good mood.  find a local park and host your meeting in the outdoors.  Many restaurants will prepare box lunches or picnic-like fare for your luncheon.  Give out Frisbees to everyone to throw around during a break and as a takeaway from the meeting.


3. Engage in a Mid-Morning Walking Meeting.  Interspersing short movements and exercises throughout the workday can boost employee energy, engagement and activity.  A walking meeting is a great way to talk through ideas with a small group of people.  Take a brisk walk while talking through ideas, and don’t forget to huddle after to write down important ideas.  Give walkers pedometers to track their steps on your walk.



4. Hold a Build Your Burger Bash.  Anytime you get people involved in your meeting, even if it is in the food, they are likely to be more engaged and interested in your topic.  Start your meeting with a build your burger session and have everyone name their burger.  Vote on the most creative idea.  Give out can coolies for your soda.

Image5. Have an Afternoon Iced Coffee and Tea Party.  Give employees or clients a mid-afternoon break and bring in flavored iced coffees and teas.  A little caffeine can help break everyone out of the afternoon slump.  Prepare some icebreaker ideas to start your meeting and give out tumblers for their iced beverages.


For more ideas on creative meetings and promotional items, contact Promote It Cafe. 800-373-7890.

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Health and Wellness Campaigns Boost Promotions

Health and wellness is such a hot topic these days.  Combine the fitness boom with the healthy eating craze, and you have a huge population of people who make health and wellness the center of their life.  Companies of all types can capitalize on this craze through employee, customer, and community programs.  Using promotional items to complement your promotions can dramatically increase its effectiveness.

Employee Programs – Starting an employee wellness program can not only engage your team and create a sense of unity among co-workers, it can help boost productivity.

  • Incorporate a brown bag lunch program to educate employees on healthy eating, and supply each with a lunch bag or cooler.Lunch Cooler
  • Create a step challenge and have employees compete with each other to walk the most steps.  Provide each with a pedometer to count their steps.Pedometer
  • Hold a fitness fair and invite local companies (gyms, food companies, vitamin companies) to display or talk about their product in a tradeshow-style setting.  Make sure to give out bags for attendees to use for their information and giveaways.Tote

Customer Programs – Regardless of your the product you sell or service you provide, you can easily incorporate a health theme into your promotion.  Find a theme that works for you – ‘we want to go the distance with you’ (incorporate a pedometer), we are jumping for joy about this new product (incorporate a jump rope), we help you stretch your dollar (incorporate a yoga mat).  The possibilities are endless. The more creative, the more your customers will remember the promotion.

Community Programs – It is important to engage with your community, and the summer provides a great opportunity to get in front of the community, while incorporating health and wellness.  Sponsorships are available for races and walk-a-thons, community festivals, and sporting events.  When handing out items for these types of events, think of the amount of use and exposure it is going to receive – great options are hats, water bottles, and cinch bags.Bottle CinchVisorContact us at for ideas on how to incorporate health and wellness into your promotion.